How the Heritage Heritage Education Savings Plan Works

Great futures don’t just happen, they’re carefully planned. And when it comes to a child’s post-secondary education many parents don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. But when you enroll in the Heritage Education Savings Plan you’ll be planning for your kid’s future success. 

Heritage Education Funds International Inc. - empowering the future generation by facilitating easier access to post-secondary education

Our Education Savings Plan Works in Five Simple Steps


Select a regular contribution amount and make contributions according to your schedule. 


Leave investment decision-making to the professionals – we'll monitor your investments and work to maximise the returns.


Watch your savings grow


Select your payout option: up to 180 days before maturity but no later than the maturity date.


Age 18: Automatic Plan Maturity.

The Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan provides flexible Educational Assistance Payments (EAPs)
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    Withdraw net contributions tax-free. 

Payable to the Subscriber(s) and may be used to fund the first year of post-secondary education.

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    Your contributions (less fees and insurance premiums, if applicable) are returned to you at the maturity of your plan.

Thereafter, starting in the second year of studies, the Fund will provide Educational Assistance Payments (EAPs) for the next three years, as long as the student is enrolled in a recognised post-secondary institution. 

What You Will Receive upon Enrolling a Child

You will receive an electronic delivery of the following documents:

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    A welcome letter
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    An Education Savings Plan Summary that provides personalised information about your agreement.
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    An Education Savings Plan contract and a Prospectus that outlines the legal aspects of the Plan.
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    A Certificate of Enrolment, which certifies his/her enrolment and provides encouragement to attain this goal.
Enrol in an Heritage Education Savings Plan today and start securing a brighter future for your child.
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