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Secure Your Child’s Future Today

We allow you to SAVE and INVEST for your child’s

post secondary education today and help you to PAY for it tomorrow.

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We are the Caribbean’s first and one of the largest USD Education Savings Plan. We have helped thousands of families send their children to college/university.

US$208 mil

in savings and Educational Assistance Payments to families


students enrolled

Since 1983

helping families realise their education dreams for over 4 decades


Why choose Heritage Education Funds?

Setting your child up for success in the future can be daunting. The rising cost of higher education alone is a massive challenge. But with proper planning and the right partner, you can secure your dear child’s long-term future.

Our dedicated Education Saving Plan (ESP) is customisable, structured and designed to help parents and guardians meet their goals for their children’s post-secondary education. We won’t just help you to the starting blocks, our primary goal is to see you across the finish line.

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Some Features and Benefits of our Education Savings Plan:


Conservatively Managed

The Plan is conservatively managed so that it minimises volatility and preserves the value of your savings over the long term.


Attractive rate of return

Sit back and allow for your contributions to be professionally managed in a portfolio that has provided consistent and competitive returns that will allow you to reach your education savings goals over the long term. The Plan has historically provided returns that are attractive given the risk profile of the portfolio.


Self-Completion Feature

In the event of your premature death or disability, the “Self-Completion Feature” ensures the return of your Contributions (less fees) based on the amount accumulated in the Plan at the time of your death or disability. More importantly, it also allows Educational Assistance Payments at the maturity of the Plan even though the schedule was not fully paid up. 


Flexible and Customisable

We want to give your child every chance of achieving his or her educational aspirations. Our ESP is flexible and tailored to suit your individual financial situation. Choose from several contribution schedules and enjoy flexible pay-out options at the maturity of the Plan. 


Tax-free Returns

All interest and capital gains earned from investments in the Plan are tax exempt which allows for greater compounded returns over the long term. Additionally, contributions are returned at maturity tax free along with interest accumulated over the life of the Plan.*

*Seek tax advice in your jurisdiction*


Education Assistance Payments/Scholarship Payments

We have provided attractive payments in the form of Educational Assistance Payments/Scholarships, which have positively impacted the lives of thousands of people. 

Heritage is Supported by a Strong Network of Affiliates

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Start Early, Save Often, Stay Invested

Time flies, and before you know it, your ‘little one’ is all grown up and ready for college. Don’t make the mistake so many have made by waiting until that time. You’ll likely pay a heavy cost for it.

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